[[comic-archive list=0-3 chapter=# thumbnail=1 order=asc/desc]]

list=0 (default if not placed in shortcode)

Displays a list of all comic chapters, description of the chapter under the title (descriptions can be added when modifying comic->chapters


Multi-Comic archive list, shows the PARENT at the top and must have sub chapters, the sub chapters will show under each parent.


Displays years of comics, click on the year link to switch years


Displays all of the years in a row on the same page


# would be the chapter ID number from the comic->chapters screen, this will let you select specifically a chapter and not all of them


On list=0 (default) above, it will display the thumbnail of the comic that is first in the chapter when displaying chapters, generally this is a ‘splash’ page for the chapter


This is the order in which you want to display, either newer comics up top or oldest