Displays a list of characters added to the system. The description of the character is made in the comic -> characters section of the wp-admin



default=” empty, display all


The orderby is by ‘count’ the count of how many comics the character has been in. The order= determines whether to show the characters who has been in the most comics or the least amount of comics at the top of the page.


specify an individual character to display instead of all


specifying a chapter here will allow you to only get cast members from that specific chapter, use the parent story ID # to get the entire


1 = show cast-pic images section
0 = don’t add the section for images associated with the character (css code disabled)

Images are added to the cast-page with CSS. CSS default width is 150px and height is 150px; to add an image for each character the CSS entity (which doesn’t exist in the css you have to add it) is


For example, if you have a character named Diablo, and the slug for that character is ‘diablo’ the CSS entity to use is

.character-diablo { }

To add the image to the css entity you would use the css element “background” like this:

.character-diablo {
     background: url('http://comiceasel.com/images/diablo.jpg') top center no-repeat;

Which will then use that image specified in the url() section


default = 1
1 = show statistical information on most recent, how many and last seen links
0 = don’t show stats


Warning: A site with HUGE amount of characters, the ‘stats’ can bog the system down and use up more memory then available with low end hosting. It’s best to set stats=0 on that hosting.