Using Comic Easel ?  Want your comic to be in the showcase, or your comic is already in the showcase?    If you are a user of the Comic Easel plugin, you can go about getting on the showcase in several different ways.   The first way is to email me, Frumph via my contact on the Frumph.NET site with the following information:

  • 320×240 screen capture of your site, jpg preferred.
  • Information on what your comic is about.
  • Name of all people working on the comic.
  • Genre, Style, Languages, Twitter name, Name of company or designer of the site is optional
  • URL to site

Another option for adding your comic to the showcase is creating a user on and sending me an email requesting access to be an editor/contributor.    Once you are verified and access granted you will have the ability to add to the showcase yourself.  If your comic is already in the showcase and you want to take control of it, you do the same thing for access.