This migrator plugin converts regular post type categories to the Comic Post type and attach images that correspond to the dates of the posts from the comics directory.

Install and activate the plugin.

Go to tools -> CP2CE

Make sure your ComicPress comics directory is in the root WordPress installation in the /comics  directory.

Select the COMIC category you want to migrate.

Choose how many you want to do at a time.   Lower the number the more ‘secure’ it is not breaking.  Slower servers require this number to be low, faster servers you can increase the value of how many you want to do at a time.

Click Migrate.   Migrate all of your comics from all of your COMIC categories.  Do NOT migrate your BLOG categories.

When you are done migrating your comic posts, go to POST -> CATEGORIES and delete the old comic categories.

Deactivate ComicPress Manager and Delete it.

Install the Easel theme, or whatever theme you would like to use – if you use a theme other then Easel make sure you follow the instructions on integrating the code to the theme.