<?php do_action('comic-area'); ?>

The display of the comic section, this is places generally below the menubar and above the content & sidebars. If you want it to be above the post’s content and not interfere with the sidebars going up around it, you would place it above the section in the html where the blog content itself is displayed.

<?php do_action('comic-post-info'); ?>

This is the ‘chapters, characters, locations’ display of information, you would add this where the theme displays relative content like the category and such.

<?php do_action('comic-post-extras'); ?>

This is the place where the ‘related’ comics is displayed, usually below the post section.

Code to make it so that certain content is only displayed to non-comic post type pages. Example: The featured image of regular blog post should not be displayed i.e the_post_thumbnail() Because the Comic Easel plugin uses the post thumbnail (featured image) of a post as the comic, having it display twice is defeating the purpose of the plugin.

Adding an ‘if’ statement on the function that executes the display of the featured image inside the single.php or wherever the function is to display the content of a single post would be beneficial.

if ($post->post_type == 'post') {}

The above says if the post type is ‘post’ then execute whats inside the {}

Or if you want to encompass all *other* post types to use the function you would do it this way:

if ($post->post_type !== 'comic') {}

This says if the post type is NOT the ‘comic’ post type execute what’s inside the {}