Modifying themes to use

  • Modify your theme adding <?php do_action('comic-area'); ?> in a position where to display the comic, generally it should be right above the #content and under the menu bar.

Generally the two files to edit is the index.php and the single.php, however some layouts are auto-generated with code and those you will need to seek advice out from their designers, the makers of those particular themes.

There are other “action” area’s that you can put into your theme, not just the comic-area.

  • This is for the area you want your comic displayed on the home page and single pages.
  • This is for the blog portion of the comic for the home page only.
  • For menubar’s to have mini navigation (prev/next) in them.
  • For inside of the single/archive/search post pages posts, showing more comic info.
  • Inside the individual post loop, preferably at the bottom after the post div. Show’s a list of related comics.