Basic understanding of WordPress is required.

  1. Install and activate the theme of your choice, or the default Easel theme.
  2. Install and activate the Comic Easel plugin.
  3. Setup the Thumbnail Sizes
  4. Modify the theme (if not Easel) -> See FAQS -> Installation -> Integration

1. Install and activate the theme of your choice, or default Easel theme.

Go to the Appearance -> Themes -> Install section of the wp-admin and search for themes with the functionality you want to use.

WordPress let’s you have a theme that is the look of your site.  With Comic Easel you want to find a ‘base theme’.  A base theme is a theme that has the functionality and nearly the look you want, and can be modified to have all of the components of the look you are going for.

I suggest only using themes on the WordPress repository due to the rigorous theme review process it takes to get on the repo.   Themes that utilize the featured image as a header like twentyeleven will not work. 

2. Install and activate the Comic Easel plugin.

Go to the Plugins -> Add New -> Search for “Comic Easel”, install the plugin and activate it.    Once it is installed and activated go to the Settings -> Permalinks and click save once for WordPress to handle the custom post type.

3. Set up Thumbnail sizes before adding any comics.

In the WP-ADMIN -> Settings -> Media, you can set the thumbnail widths that you would want to use on your site.

The “thumbnail size” default 150×150 cropped works just fine. Some users of Comic Easel have noted that it doesn’t look the greatest for all comics so they suggest unchecking the box for crop thumbnil and setting the width to 198 (barely less then the width of the sidebars) and then removing the contents of height on thumbnail medium and large sizes. This is all depends on your comic.

Further down the Media page is the [x] Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders, this is a must have since it will organize your comics into separate directories for you.

If you don’t like the size of your thumbnails you have set, there are several plugins available on the WordPress repository available to regenerate all of your thumbnails.

4. Integrate the Comic Easel actions into the theme (if you are not using Easel(the theme))

Read the documentation Integration section of this site’s FAQs.