What are landing pages?

They are alternative-to-the-home page locations where your comic can be bookmarked and utilized as a place where you want the user to either start reading from the beginning of the chapter/story or the latest.

Setting up landing pages.


This is an older screenshot, like (yesterday) the tab is actually called “landing pages”.   – and it will only show up right now if you’re using the ComicPress theme, the reason for that is I didn’t get many (none) testers for any themes that are not ComicPress so didn’t feel confident enough to release it for alternative themes.

The tab in the comic -> config section pretty much spells it out.     The landing page location would be   /chapter/chapter-slugname  or whatever  you renamed chapter to, I named mine “story” and “stories” so it says /story/story-slug-name/  in the URL line of browsers since each chapter is an individual story.

There is an excellent example of this working over at thewebcomicfactory.com where you can see landing pages working with a plethora of different comic titles.

Can I skin and design the landing page instead of using the default one?

Yes, yes you can.   This is done by creating a file in your child theme (or main theme) that is named:  taxonomy-chapters.php



This php code is a basic content-area display without the loop for the archives there.

/* some helpful if statement and how to get what the current chapter trying to display is
if (isset($wp_query->query_vars['taxonomy']) && isset($wp_query->query_vars['chapters'])) && ($wp_query->query_vars['taxonomy'] == 'chapters') && !is_paged()) 
    $this_chapter = $wp_query->query_vars['chapters'];

<div class="my-landing-page">
       Landing page landing page!

<?php get_footer(); ?>

For coders out there, you of course can add your own html or whatever you want to those sections.

Anything else?

Yes. There is a new option on the navigation tab to enable the dropdown to go to the landing page when selected, like the widget.