Most comics that are not storyline based generally do not need multiple different chapters, these comics will do fine just being in a single chapter.   Do not let the name “Chapter” be a misnomer for ‘Stories’, that is precisely what they are.   Individual stories – but since WordPress won’t let me name the root hierarchy (top level chapter) be called Story and then sub levels be called chapters, I opted to just keep the whole thing named Chapters.



Those with a single story on the comic but want additional chapters, will have no problem creating the ‘story name’ as the top level and sub chapters are the individual chapters.    Notice in this image that the chapters ORDER are numbered 1 through 5, but does NOT include the parent top level name. .. that is because you want to SET, or ATTRIBUTE only ONE chapter per comic.


Now say, you have MULTIPLE comics, the TOP level Chapter is the “story name” and in this case is each individual comic.   You can still keep the other comic on your system.   Create  a new TOP LEVEL Chapter (which is really the story) which I explained above, but this comic doesn’t have individual chapters so it’s good to just leave alone.     When you use the ‘in chapter’ only buttons it will do just that, navigate only in chapters, if Comic Easel finds there is a chapter that is either +/- of the current ORDER # it will allow navigating to it.

Multiple Comics, with Multiple Chapters

chapter-4Notice the image above.   It has 2 different “Stories”  with two different set’s of chapters.

The thing to look at is the ORDER # for them, I set the ORDER #’s for the 2nd comic on the system to be 101 and 102.   This is because Comic Easel looks for a +/-  plus or minus one to the current chapter #, adding 100 to them guarantee’s that it won’t find  the other chapters for the other story and allow people to directly next or previous chapter to them.

NOTE: (todo in programming is to have the previous and next buttons to work if there are chapters found +/-  of the current chapter)  This is still being worked on but it will be in Comic Easel at some point.   For now you have to chapter previous and chapter next buttons to them. (NOTE: Done, added 1.5.3 CE, prev next will traverse with option enabled)

– Phil