Migrating from (old) ComicPress to new Comicpress;

I touched up on this in the wp-admin -> Appearance -> ComicPress Options -> help [tab]  – however here is a different method if you don’t want to start over on your migration.

There’s a plugin, called “Post Type Converter” by Kevin Langley http://wordpress.org/plugins/post-type-converter/

After you install this plugin, you can go to your wp-admin -> Comics -> All Comics section where it displays all of your comics.   A new dropdown box will appear at the top of the list.


Just checkmark the posts that you want to convert back to ‘post’ and click “convert’ and it will move those posts back to be blog posts.    Unfortunately it probably won’t put them back into the categories if you deleted them as instructed so they will go into Uncategorized or whatever your default category is.

Remember not to keep the same slug’s for categories as you do in chapters, it will cause problems.

– Phil