Using the plugin:

latest version available here:

Plugins -> add new -> search for: custom post type permalinks -> install -> activate

There will be a new section in your settings -> permalinks that will allow you to set the structure for your comics.


In the image above please note that I used /%chapters%/%postname%/ as the permalink structure for the comic post type.

This will then make all of your URL’s for your comics  show up with  /comic/chapter-slug-name/name-of-comic/ for your permalink structure

For example:

the-comic is the chapter name and test-comic-3 is the comic’s title slug name,  take note, once you do this, the /comic/test-comic-3/  /%post-type%/%postname%/  will no longer work and will not redirect to the new permalink structure.

note2: all comics need to be in a chapter but you probably figured that out 😉

note3: if you changed the slug name of your comic post type in the comic->config it will be /newcomicslugname/chapter-slug-name/name-of-comic/

– Phil