Purpose: To display a ‘teaser’ image of your comic that is used in the thumbnail widget (and anywhere else you might want to code it in, like the home page) that is a custom image – not the thumbnail of your comic.

Basically it’s support for this plugin: Multiple Post Thumbnails

What it does is add another ‘add image’ box to the right column in the comic post editor, which asks you to upload an image just like the way the featured image (adding a comic) works.   Soon as it uploads you click on “use as secondary image”.

There is an option in the thumbnail widget that you checkmark to say “use secondary image if it’s available”, in order for the widget to decide to use it or not at that point.

– Phil

(you still need to add something to your functions.php to make it work, new Easel not yet released will have it automatically)

if (class_exists('MultiPostThumbnails')) {
	new MultiPostThumbnails(
			'label' => 'Secondary Image',
			'id' => 'secondary-image',
			'post_type' => 'comic'