Comic Easel Development

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph)
Project Lead
philip at frumph dot net

What is Comic Easel?

Comic Easel allows you to incorporate a WebComic using the WordPress Media Library functionality with Navigation into almost any WordPress theme. With just a few modifications of adding injection action locations into a theme, you can have the theme of your choice display a comic.

The core reason to use Comic Easel above other WordPress theme’s is that you are not limited to the basic ComicPress & Other themes that are specifically designed for WebComics that utilize structures that you do not require or want to make use of. There are a plentiful amount of themes in the WordPress repository that you can now take advantage of that give you tons of options you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

With Comic Easel’s extra taxonomies to control Character and Locations, you can provide your end readers with a plethora of information that wouldn’t have had before that is auto-generated. The Cast Page itself shows how many times a character was in a comic as well as the first comic they were seen in.

Comic Easel is not an upgrade to ComicPress, it is a different CMS that has a migration path available from ComicPress to Comic Easel. The ComicPress theme has functionality that the theme you choose might not.

To Convert your existing ComicPress theme comics to Comic Easel’s post type there is a plugin available called CP2CE.


  • Custom Post Type control of posts.
  • Media Library handling of comics.
  • As many chapters/stories as you would like.
  • Individual navigation per chapter or all.
  • Character and Location settings per Comic
  • As many comic posts you can do in a day as you want.
  • Hovertext on the comic
  • Using translate plugins, every comic and post can be multilanguage
  • Navigation widget that mimics ComicPress’s navigation widget including custom graphic sets that can be pulled from themes
  • chapter navigation with chapter ordering
  • galleries of comics available per comic post
  • And more!