= 1.4.3 =
* Support for Jetpack’s Publicize and shortlinks for comics.
* Change menu position to 6 if Jetpack comics is activated so they don’t overwrite each other.
* Fixed some localization strings being the wrong designation
* added some extra classes to the nav buttons in the default nav so it can be skinned properly
* sep. the comic_display_comic() function into individual parts so it isn’t as lengthy to read
* don’t check for navigate only chapters button is enabled when there is an option for it already on the random button
* removed w3 total cache transition post cache clear due to new change with w3 total cache


The #sidebar-left-of-comic and #sidebar-right-of-comic and #comic are now reCSS’d if you have CSS for those you will need to adjust them or remove them, it now autosizes. and auto shows if widgets are in them.

The support for publicize and share are pre-pending the fixes in Jetpack for custom post types, they do not work at the moment but the code is there and it will pretend to, until the jetpack release with the fix.