Updated 1.0.8 – Get fresh version from REPO.

Galleries can be made for each comic post. With or without the featured image, you can setup comic galleries for the individual comic post, so you can have as many comics per post display with gallery images displaying in the post area.  Each comic post has toggles in it for displaying galleries of comics.  Default is off.

Can now password protect comics, will stop display of comics/galleries & post info – until password entered.

New action location comic-post-extras – Shows the “related comics” information, list of 5 possible comics that relate to this comic by characters, locations and tags.

The thumbnails for RSS and Archives can now bet set with custom image sizes created by the theme.

Can now set individual bio information per character,  cast-page character=character_slug

New comic blog post widget and updated French Translation (looking for more languages)

Fixed it so you can create a template for the front page and it will act as if it is the front page for the comic. (home)

Chapter Navigation AND Ordering.